In Transylvania, at twelve o'clock

I take a carriage, to a castle, on a rock

I thought, it could be a scary place 

A fantastic journey, to the devil, face to face


Dracula, please come in, and dance with me

Dracula, be my guest, that makes you free


The meal fantastic, with fabled wine

The Earl are hospitable, whisper, you'll be mine!       

With finest ladies, white, powder skin

The lights mysterious, so let the game begin             


Dracula, just a bite, immortality

Dracula, it is fate, and agony


Dracula, flying bats, and magic nights

Dracula, in the graves, the holy light 

Dracula, full moon shining, through the fog

Dracula, resurrection, bloody shock 


Blood is dripping from my lips 

Let me taste your fingertips      

Do you think, sucking is sin?

I am evil, let me in!





Music & Lyrics: Daniel Sean Kaiser

©2017 Punktasia Records

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